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  • AFC Tomlin
  • 2017
  • Photography
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  • Soccer Gods
  • Harris Academy, Peckham, London, UK
  • Alan Bond

Only Here for the Tomlin

AFC Tomlin, a South London based 6-a-side team who play their football on Thursday nights in the Soccer Gods League at Harris Academy in Peckham.

Formed by players originally from Somerset, the team adopted its name through the legacy of former Yeovil Town striker Gavin Tomlin.

The 35-year-old is currently playing at Dulwich Hamlets where players from Tomlin are regular visitors, sponsoring the striker for a £70 season fee.

Tomlin’s motto, ‘we play until he joins’.

This project focused on the tight-knit togetherness of the squad who live for Thursday nights, travelling into games, playing and reliving the match highlights filmed each week through Go-Pro footage.